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  • Over 96% success rate
  • Completed 100's of successful short sales
  • No out of pocket expense
  • The bank pays for everything
  • Short Sale expertise for homeowners
  • Short Sale expertise for Agents
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  • 20+ years combined experience
  • Consultations over the phone or in person
  • You will recieve a weekly progress report
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  • We know how to stop foreclosures
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  • We know how to protect your assets
  • We know how to remove liens
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Short Sales & Stopping Foreclosures in Utah

So What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is when a real estate property sale negotiates with a mortgage company in which a lender takes less than the total amount due often forgiving the remaining debt. This negotiation may have to take place with more than one mortgage company and/or additional lien against the property. This may seem complex but the Micah Pearson Real Estate Team can help you navigate the process. Our goal is to stop foreclosures in Utah.

Millions of Americans and thousands of people in Utah are finding themselves upside down in their homes, not being able to sell them for what they owe against their mortgages.

There are solutions available to help these homeowners "dig" themselves out from under this stress and frustration and stopping a foreclosure.

If you need to sell your home for whatever reason and the market won't allow you to sell it for enough to pay off your mortgage in full, then you might want to consider a Short Sale to stop a foreclosure.

Short sales allow the home owner to negotiate terms with their mortgage companies that meet the needs of the home owner and their family.

A short sale is generally a positive solution to a homeowner's need to sell their home but because of the market or any other number of factors, they no longer have equity. Call our Utah office to learn more about stopping foreclosures.

How Can a Short Sale Be FREE?

When we negotiate your case, we ALWAYS negotiate the fees to be paid by your lender. We have successfully closed hundreds of Short Sale transactions and our clients have NEVER paid us a fee.


You owe $200,000 on your house and you've missed 4 months of mortgage payments... The bank is requiring that you pay all 4 months of missed payments, all collections fees, plus any late charges... you don't have the money, you have to sell your home but there's no way you can sell your house for enough to pay off the bank.

We negotiate with your bank for you to "Short Sale" your home for what you can NOW and let you walk away from any remaining amount owed on your current mortgage.

The bank pays us a % of the "Short Sale" price when the property sells. So We still get paid and you walk away with a fresh start.

Our specialty is proving to your bank that foreclosing and reselling your home in Utah's current economy will COST THEM MORE than allowing us to "Short Sale" is at a reduced price.

It's not rocket science but it can be tough if you don't know how to deal with the banks and we'll work for YOU!

Seller Paid

Owed $218,750

Sold $160,500

Seller Paid

Owed $184,000

Sold $125,000

"They know how to successfully negotiate with banks and lenders. But even better, they have the experience that is required to put that knowledge into action."